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About us

Founded by architect couple Vinutha and Amit in the year 2017, Studio Vinami works with bamboo, a material that will soon be capturing the limelight in architecture. They are driven by their love for the material and sustainable ideas to make designing with bamboo functional and aesthetically appealing. The firm believes in an architecture that is close to the environment and the people, and works with like-minded people to encourage sustainable living. The love for challenges the material brings with itself, the continuous appetite for learning and the desire for experimenting keeps them engaged in refining their knowledge. Studio Vinami is collaborating with people of various fields for broadening the implementation of bamboo and also trying to include the material in design curriculum. They also guide and encourage the bamboo enthusiasts through workshops and lectures.

Our Team

Vinutha S N
Principal Architect
Amit S Kalantri
Senior Architect
Ranjitha S N
Associate Designer


Nidhi Venkatesh
Sidharth V
Balaji B V