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ZZ Plant

Common name : ZZ plant, Zee zee plant, Zanzibar gem, Zuzu plant
Scientific name : zamioculcas zamiifolia

This tropical perennial succulent plant native to Africa is best suited for a new plant-parent due to the low maintenance it requires. It is very difficult to kill them. Pest infestation is never heard of for these plants. It has a high tolerance to low light, low humidity and drought. They flower in mid-summers (though it is very rare indoors).

ZZ plant can live up to 3 months without watering because of the potato like rhizomes which store water and nutrients. So beware of over-watering, under-watering is still bearable by the plant.

It is grown as an ornamental plant for its dark green glossy foliage. People often mistake it for an artificial decor due to its dark green waxy leaves. They purify indoor air by removing volatile organic compounds. All parts are toxic and could cause skin irritation. So, handle with caution and keep away from kids and pets.

There are 2 more varieties. One is Raven which has almost black leaves, and the other is variegated which has green mixed with yellow leaves. 

ZZ are the best to create a statement at homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, almost anywhere.

zz plant strip.jpg
Care Tips Icons.png
Care Tips Icons.png
Care Tips Icons.png
Care Tips Icons.png

Care tips:

Sunlight : Bright indirect sunlight to low light indoors. Best plant for low light areas. Avoid direct sunlight. 

Medium : Course, well draining soil.

Soil mix ratio -
Soil : Course sand : Coco Peat : Perlite 
1 : 1 : 1 : 0.5
Perlite is optional. Also do not use fine sand.

Water : Watering once in 2-3 weeks in summers and 5-6 weeks in winters is recommended. It also depends on the location, if kept outdoors in bright areas, water frequently, once a week. Leaves turning yellow indicates over watering, so increase the interval next time. 

Fertilizing : Not necessary but liquid fertilizing in summers will help. Summer is when they mostly grow new shoots. 

It is also very important to clean the dust and dirt off the leaves, it could prevent efficient transpiration and photosynthesis. Easiest way is give a thorough shower every week or two depending on the environment around. Or wipe the leaves top and underneath, stem too with a damp cloth. This will help you bond better with your plant bud. 

Soil propagation and water propagation, both are suitable. Propagation by root ball division works too. 
Water propagation

Success is relatively higher in water propagation. Whole stem or a single leaf can be used. Insert the stem or the leaf end in water (just an inch of water will do). Change water every week. Wait 2-3 weeks for the roots to sprout. Transfer them when the bulbs begin to grow.

Soil propagation 

Cut individual leaves with a little stem on. Place them in moist soil mix. Keep the soil moist by spraying water. It might take 4 weeks to grow roots. Once the bulbs grow, transfer them to a pot.

Happy Gardening!! 

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zz plant water propogation strip.jpg
zz plant water propogation strip.jpg
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